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What Can ZeroWork Do For Me?

Scrape Data

Google Maps
Insta Followers
FB Group Members
Amazon Products
YT Video Content
LinkedIn Profiles
Scrape files and images
Auto-remove duplicates
Add tags to every collected item
Auto-monitor daily, hourly or every 5 minutes
Save to CSV, Google Sheets or native tables
Bypass anti-scraping systems

Enrich Data

Enrich your lists of LinkedIn, FB, IG, Tiktok or Twitter profile links with location, job title, email, profile description, company title, latest post
Extract pieces of data — for example, get city or state from a line of address
Limit the number of links visited per run, hour or day and never get banned
Auto-skip visiting the same links on subsequent runs
Add snooze: Auto-pause or do random action after a certain number of links visited

Transform Data

Auto-filter data — for example, auto-qualify leads based on location, job title, keywords
Auto-delete old data after a certain period of time or based on conditions
Auto-transfer data between sheets — for example, move leads from the “All leads” sheet to the “Qualified leads” based on conditions
Split text, remove words, shorten content
Easily add conditions and comparisons
Regex capabilities for advanced users

Automate Web Interactions

Auto-post AI-generated comments
Auto-send DMs
Auto-like social media posts
Auto-fill out forms
Auto-post on WordPress
Add AI to craft unique or personalized content
Limit the number of DMs/likes/actions done per run, hour or day and never get banned
Add auto-generated random variations of your content and never land in spam
Auto-delay after every action to appear more human
In-built anti-bot detection prevention

Effortlessly Use AI

Schedule AI-generated social media posts
Auto-download and upload AI-generated images
Auto-reply with AI to incoming messages
Add AI at any step of your automation
Native ChatGPT integration
Works with other AI services such as image creation apps

AUTOMATE a Full-Time Sales Job, End-to-End

Don’t auto-send cold DMs only to land in spam
Don’t scrape leads then wait for your VA to qualify them
Don’t generate AI content to only  post manually
Instead, do THIS
Step 1

profile links

Step 2

Auto-enrich with profile details

Step 3

Auto-qualify based on location, keywords, job title

Step 4

Auto-engage by posting AI-generated comments

Step 5

Auto-send DM after multiple days of engaging

Step 6

Auto-send follow-ups if no reply

Step 7

Auto-answer with AI on replies

Step 8

Auto-send data to your CRM or webhook

Multi-step process fully automated
Built in 1 day
Saves a full-time employee 8h a day
Scheduled to run daily

Why ZeroWork?

Automate ANY website
Add AI at ANY step of the process
NEVER get banned with in-built anti-bot detection prevention
Easy to use with visual drag-and-drop AND no coding required
Generous unlimited runtime, API calls & webhooks. Schedule every 5 min
Automate for multiple accounts (fingerprint obfuscation & proxy)
When needed, write custom JS or make API calls to other services
Caring support, active community with frequent game-changing releases

Over 10,000 Agencies, Businesses and  Freelancers Use ZeroWork

Ibresler, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"Zerowork is an excellent product. I was able to automate my web tasks without any problem and plan to use it more and more. The support is very responsive and the Discord community is very active. The interface is intuitive and the system of an agent installable on a computer is a real plus compared to automation products that are 100% cloud-based. This allows, among other things, not to be limited in the number of task launches."

chiefkief, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"If you are willing to spend a little time going over the tutorials, this tool is one of the best purchases you will ever make. They really nailed it, I cannot wait for the updates. Compared to other automation tools, this one really picks up where others fall short."

Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"ZeroWork has transformed my hours or days of work into mere minutes. Despite being a non-coder, I was able to learn the necessary skills by watching YouTube videos for just one week, and now I feel like a ninja. With this tool, I believe there is almost nothing I cannot accomplish. The community on Discord is also incredibly helpful, providing instant support for any issues users may encounter. I have tried other similar tools, but this web scraper and automation tool is by far the best."

tglavey109, Verified Purchaser, Appsumo

"I recently started using Zerowork.io for my business, and I am absolutely blown away by how easy and powerful it is. I was able to automate a task that I used to pay a VA $350/month to do, and it now runs seamlessly in the background, saving me time and money. One of the things that sets Zerowork.io apart from other automation tools is the amazing support and community. Diana, the creator, is incredibly supportive and active in the community, always willing to help and answer questions. ZeroWork team takes user feedback seriously and is constantly working to improve the product. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the documentation and tutorials are top-notch. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a complete novice, you'll find Zerowork.io easy to use and understand. Overall, I am thrilled with Zerowork.io and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their business processes and save time and money. Five tacos all around for this amazing tool and its fantastic creator!"

Patric Tanner
Patrick Tanner, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

If you're looking for a way to automate your web tasks without spending hours coding, then ZeroWork is the perfect solution! With this no-code tool, you can create powerful automations with just clicks and drag-and-drops. But don't be fooled - you still need to invest some time into learning if you want to take full advantage of the automation capabilities. If you're willing to put in the effort though, ZeroWork will reward you with some seriously impressive results! Plus, with a super supportive community and founder always available for advice, you'll never feel like you're alone in the process. Join their Facebook and Discord community channels - come find me @webmajor if you want to chat! I'm a CSS selector ninja and I'm ready to show off my skills. ;-)))) Stop waiting around and get ZeroWork now - with an amazing roadmap available, who knows where this journey will take us!

buzzreachmedia, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"Solid Tool With Great Support. The level of detail that ZeroWork team has put into the supporting documentation is Grade A. ZeroWork has left no stone unturned. It’s very few and far between that I see companies deliver on their product and service. The product is only as good as the support you get behind it, in my opinion. So thank to the ZeroWork team for providing a solid product."

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